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Restaurants in White River


- Picasso's Mexican Taqueria: For delicious mexican food/pizza and frozen margharita's in a vibey outdoor beach bar or indoor setting, often with live music, only a 5 minute drive away. It's a local and tourist favourite!

- Oliver's: it's always a special occasion when you have an elegant 3 course meal out in Oliver's Restaurant situated overlooking the beautiful White River Country Estate Golf Course, only a 2 minute drive away.

- Trinchado's:  Relaxed portuguese meals (think tender chicken, prego's and garlicky prawns) on the balcony of the White River Country Estate Golf Clubhouse, only a 2 minute drive away.

- 64 Coolmore: Enjoy a delicious upmarket dinner set in an avo orchard. Only a 5 min drive away.  On occasion a musician will be playing the grande piano while you dine.

- Yoon's: A beautifully decorated, vibey restaurant at the Crossings Centre, with tantilising breakfast, lunch and dinner menues. 10 minute drive. 


- Magnolia's: Another beautiful restaurant, with varied menu options located at Casterbridge centre, only a 5 minute drive away. 

- Favourite Asian Foods: For very affordable Asian classic dishes such as spring rolls, sushi and noodles. At Bagdad Centre, only 5 minutes drive. 

- Gum Treez: for real pub food indoors or outdoors try Gum Treez at Casterbridge Centre (5 minute drive)

- White River also has the classics like Spur, Mug n Bean and Ocean Basket within a 10 minute drive. 

Coffee Shops/breakfast and lunch spots:

- The Plantsman: a favourite amoung the locals for a relaxed breakfast or lunch with a farm yard feel (a few bunnies and chickens walking around) Only 5 minutes away.

- Zanna's: A deli with breakfast, lunch, take-aways, home made gelato and other tasty treats, situated near the lawn at Casterbridge. Only 5 minutes away.

- Sabie Valley Coffee: for a taste of our local Sabie Valley coffee and a bite to eat, try Sabie Valley Coffee Shop in Casterbridge Centre (5 minute drive)

- The Belgian Waffle Cafe: for every possible topping on a waffle, from savoury to decadent desert! Situated in the courtyard at Casterbridge Centre. Only 5 minutes away.


If you want an easy meal in the comfort of the Bird Hide Chalet you can order take-aways from Picasso's, Isabella's, Steers, Ocean Basket, Fish-aways, Twinz, Pizza Perfect and McDonalds


There is a Woolworths food and Checkers at the White River Crossings Centre, and a Pick n Pay at the Pick n Pay Centre, both a 10 minute drive away. 


Picasso's Mexican Taqueria






The Plantsman

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