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The Bird Hide is situated in Tunzini Gardens, the all South African indigenous garden which is the home of Peter and Brigid Turner.  Our passion for and interest in South African plants and birds led us to maintaining a large part of the garden in its natural state of grassland and bush clumps plus riverine forest and the remainder was landscaped with plants from Southern Africa along a mini botanical garden theme with areas of forest, wetland, grassland, and even examples of fynbos from the Cape. Over the years this has largely reverted to being dominated by the local indigenous species. Tunzini Gardens also conducts garden tours and hosts occasional plant and bird courses. To view the options please  

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A bird list of more than 155

A  feature of the garden and a major reason for the indigenous bent was to become a haven for birds and animals and we have recorded over 155 species of birds as well as being home to bushbuck, blue duiker (near the river), mongoose, bush baby, and even chameleons which have been seen burrowing into the soil to lay their eggs. There are a number of rare plants and an excellent display of wild flowers emerge after the two yearly grassland burn. A large Ficus thoningii attracts numbers of Trumpeter Hornbills, Purple Crested Turaco, Black collared and White eared Barbet, Black bellied Starlings and many more during the fruiting season.  In the breeding season Narina Trogons can be heard calling and the very fortunate may be treated to a sighting.  

A great place to relax 


The Bird Hide is a great place to relax on the decks, stroll along the paths, park off at the boma, take a walk to the river, listen to the birds and watch the dragonflies. Perfect for a weekend break (Friday pm to Sunday pm) a stone's throw away from Durban. Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is on your doorstep. Walks in the reserve can be arranged with guides. Or time your weekend to coincide with the monthly walks. Also consider this the ideal option for wedding guests -there are a few great wedding venues in the area.